Phone Accessories You Need In 2021!

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  1. 3in1 Selfie Light Adjustable Cooling Fan Phone Holder


Using a cooling fan phone holder is a great way to keep your phone cool and comfortable in the heat. This phone holder comes with a mini fan, so you can keep your phone cool and comfortable. You can live to stream and video recording with its high brightness LED lamp. The portable fan is lightweight and easy to carry. It is a simple and lightweight, and minimal design for a fashion look.

  • The phone holder has high brightness LED lamp, which is suitable for live streaming and video recording.
  • Designed with a cooling fan, it has a high performance of heat dissipation.
  • Height and angle are adjustable to meet your different using demands.
  • It is suitable for phones and tablets within 11inch.
  • The height and angle can be adjusted according to their own needs to suit different postures.
  • It can be folded and is smaller than a mobile phone after being folded, exquisite and compact, does not occupy space, and is easy to carry.


Material: ABS, Silicone, Aluminum Alloy

Input Voltage: 5V

Input Current: 1.5A

Angle: 330 Degree (Adjustable)

Maximum Extension Height: 25.5cm/10.04″ (Approx.)

Size: 11cm x 6.5cm x 2.6cm/4.33″ x 2.56″ x 1.02″ (Approx.)

Package Includes:

1 x 3in1 Selfie Light Adjustable Cooling Fan Phone Holder


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2. Multifunctional Magnetic Retro Key Phone Holder


This phone holder is designed with 2piece combined magnetic steel and is made of aluminum alloy. And it can be easily adsorbed and separated into one by hand because of the interior of two-part magnet adsorption.

Retro and Fashionable: The retro mobile phone fashion style restoring ancient ways to let your cell phone holder looks different.

Easy to Carry: The phone holder is compact, easy to carry. The mini portable phone holder is also suitable when you travel outside and for outdoor activities. And it is also portable to carry out as a key case, bag accessories, and pendants.

Universal Phone Holder: The mini portable anchor type phone holders can match with most types of mobile phones and tablets, and they can be compatible with all 6 to 11 inches of equipment. Even the Pad and tablets can use with it.

Multifunctional Stand: Not only a mobile phone holder but also a bottle opener.

Name: Anchor Phone Holder
Weight: about 40g
Mini Size: about only 67 * 41 * 6mm/2.64*1.61*0.24in
Hard material: aluminum alloy
Use: phones and tablets
Color: retro copper, retro gold, retro silver

Packing List:

1*Anchor Phone Holder


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3. Hand Warmer Transparent Gamepad Pillow


This soft plush can relieve stress; it can be used as a nap pillow/throwing pillow/office lunch break pillow/plus plush, which can meet your needs.

  •  The hand warmer is super soft and cute.
  •  The opening on the side keeps your hands warm in winter.
  •  You can play with them and use them as pillows.
  •  The rich PP cotton filler will bring you a better skin touch. It is super soft, and it feels like embracing the clouds.

Specification:Material: soft plush and pp cotton  Note: It is normal to be 1-2cm measurement error, and color may be a little different due to monitor. Package Included: 1 piece in one opp bag.


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4. Smartphone Action Easy Portable Gimbal Stabilizer


Enjoy your smartphone’s new videos, photos, and games with the Smartphone Action Easy Portable Gimbal Stabilizer. It removes vibrations, so you get smooth, steady shots!

The gimbal features an independent control system for each axis; Roll, Yaw, and Pitch. These axes can be controlled individually by 8 follows modes, giving you the same professional functionality. Including the flexibility of manual positioning to give you more freedom to unleash your creativity! Use one or all of the eight follow modes to capture smooth cinematic motion.

Wireless Charging: By employing inductive charging technology and magnetic coils in the phone holder base, the gimbal lets you charge your mobile phone wirelessly simply by setting it on the gimbal.

Unlimited Power Source to Gimbal: It supports shooting while charging.

Power Supply to the Smartphone: This lets the gimbal supply power to your phone.

Zoom Control: Bu using the dial wheel located on the handgrip, you can smoothly zoom in without touching your smartphone. The default mode of the dial wheel is the zoom control. Roll the dial wheel clockwise or counterclockwise to zoom in and zoom out.

Focus Control: The gimbal enables you to control the focus on your phone dynamically so you can capture the magic of special moments.

Sport Gear Mode: Based on the optimization of algorithms, it can release the potential of motors in a flash, just like a high-end car once in the Sport Gear Mode.

Inception Mode: It can achieve 360 rotations in the roll axis without limits. 

Object Detection for Fast Tracking: The artificially intelligent technology enables the gimbal to detect an object and track it automatically.


Material: Plastic

Communication: Bluetooth

Titling Angle: 310

Rolling Angle: 360

Panning Angle: 165

Support Remote Control: Yes

App Setting: Yes

Supported Mobile Device Max Size: 760g

Charging for Mobile Device: Yes

Camera Integration: No

Weight (g): 480g

Size: 290 x 143 x 107mm

Vertical Shooting: Yes

Package Includes:

Please see the images for reference


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